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Sam Simpson from Founders Catalyst

Feb 15, 2024 | Uncategorized

SummaryIn this episode, Sam Simpson from Founders Catalyst discusses the benefits of SEIS and EIS tax relief schemes for investors and founders. He explains the changes to financial promotion rules and the challenges founders face in raising funds. Sam also shares advice on preparing for a funding round and finding investors. He highlights the fragmented nature of the UK ecosystem and the differences in funding rounds compared to the US. The episode concludes with a discussion on company evaluation methods for pre-seed and pre-revenue startups. The conversation covers various aspects of startup valuation and factors that affect it. It emphasizes the importance of defensibility and realistic valuations. The host and guest discuss the impact of unrealistic valuations and the need for sanity checks. They also explore the founder’s perception of valuation and use a car analogy to illustrate the importance of aligning valuation expectations. The conversation concludes with contact information for further engagement.


  • Factors such as team composition, defensibility, and market standard play a significant role in startup valuation.
  • Unrealistic valuations can deter potential investors and hinder fundraising efforts.
  • Sanity checks and market research are essential to ensure a realistic valuation.
  • Founders should align their valuation expectations with market standards to attract investors.


00:00Introduction to Sam Simpson and Founders Catalyst

01:20Motivation to Start Founders Catalyst

03:29Benefits of SEIS and EIS

07:00SEIS and EIS Explained

09:07Tax Benefits for Investors

11:56Changes to Financial Promotion Rules

17:44Challenges for Founders

21:15Preparing for a Funding Round

22:33Finding Investors

26:39Fragmented Ecosystem and Funding Rounds

29:33Comparison with US Funding Rounds

36:01Evaluation of Company

42:31Factors Affecting Valuation

43:28Defensibility and Valuation

44:27Unrealistic Valuations

45:20Sanity Checks for Valuations

46:37Founder’s Perception of Valuation

47:05Car Analogy for Valuations

47:49Closing and Contact Information

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