Roman Zomko

May 2, 2024 | Uncategorized

Roman Zomko, founder and CEO of, shares his journey of starting and growing his software innovation company. He discusses how he got started in the tech industry, the challenges he faced in the early years, and the importance of shared values and teamwork. Roman also talks about the impact of COVID-19 and the ongoing war in Ukraine on his company and how they managed to adapt and continue delivering results. He highlights the resilience and innovation of the Ukrainian startup ecosystem and introduces their new AI product, AssistMe AI, which automates workflows in customer support companies.


  • Shared values and teamwork are crucial for building a strong company culture.
  • Starting a new business is challenging, but perseverance and dedication are key.
  • Adapting to unexpected challenges, such as COVID-19 and war, requires resilience and quick decision-making.
  • The Ukrainian startup ecosystem is thriving despite difficult circumstances.
  • AssistMe AI, a new AI product by, automates workflows in customer support companies.


00:00Introduction and Background

07:27Challenges of Starting a New Business

15:16Impact of COVID-19 and the War in Ukraine

37:18The Ukrainian Startup Ecosystem and the Future

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