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Revolutionising Parenthood: Vish Burgul’s Journey with bndle

Aug 30, 2023 | Innovation Podcast

The Innovation Conversation
The Innovation Conversation
Revolutionising Parenthood: Vish Burgul's Journey with bndle

Get ready for an inspiring episode of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as we sit down with Vish Burgul, the Co-Founder & CEO of bndle.

Join us as we dive into the world of predictive AI-powered marketplaces and modern family solutions.

🌐 About bndle: bndle is more than a marketplace – it’s a lifeline for modern families. In this episode, Vish takes us through the mission behind bndle, which is to mend the broken shopping experience for parents and create a unified space that connects families with exceptional independent brands. With personalization at its core, bndle is all about guiding families through each stage of their parenting journey, from pregnancy to puberty.

πŸš€ Episode Highlights:

πŸ›οΈ A Seamless Shopping Solution: Discover how bndle is set to transform the way families shop and access parenting solutions. Vish shares the inspiration behind building a platform that evolves with families and simplifies their lives.

πŸ’° First Round of Fundraising: Vish dives into the details of his journey to secure the first round of funding for bndle. Learn about the challenges, strategies, and pivotal moments that contributed to this significant milestone.

πŸš€ Accelerating Success: Vish explains the importance of accelerators in validating business ideas and propelling growth. Hear how these programs helped shape bndle into what it is today.

πŸ‘Ά Startup Life & Co-Parenting: Vish sheds light on the unique dynamic of running a startup while raising a baby, alongside his co-founder, who also happens to be his wife. Discover how their partnership and shared vision play a crucial role in their success.

πŸ”— Creating a Community: Vish delves into the strategy of building a community through account management and client satisfaction. He discusses how this approach not only strengthens relationships but also lays the foundation for a successful upcoming fundraise.

🌟 Taking the Leap: Vish shares his personal journey of leaving his job to fully commit to bndle.

Learn about the decision-making process and the determination that drives entrepreneurs to embrace risks for the sake of their dreams.

Tune in to this episode to hear firsthand from Vish Burgul and gain insights into his pioneering journey with bndle. Whether you’re a parent, entrepreneur, or simply curious about AI-powered marketplaces, this episode is a must-listen.

Stay tuned for more intriguing stories of innovation and success on the Innovation Conversation podcast. 🎧🌟 #InnovationConversation #ModernParenting #bndleJourney

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