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RCK Partners

May 31, 2024 | Uncategorized

In this episode of the Innovation Conversation, James and Gajan from RCK.Partners discuss R&D tax incentives, eligibility, application process, success stories, and industry-specific considerations. They provide insights into the R&D tax scheme, its benefits, and the role of specialists in the process. The conversation covers success stories in software and gambling industries, as well as the eligibility of industries like food tech and restaurants for R&D claims. The conversation covers the eligibility criteria for R&D tax relief, the types of activities that qualify, limitations on what’s considered science and technology, and the impact of government policy changes on R&D claims. It also delves into the unique selling points of RCK Partners and how businesses can reach out to them for R&D advice.



  • R&D tax incentives aim to incentivize innovation by utilizing R&D-related costs to reduce tax liabilities of companies.
  • The R&D tax scheme is designed to attract more investment into the UK and stimulate the tech base, making the UK more competitive globally.
  • Specialists play a crucial role in the R&D tax claim process, ensuring technical expertise and compliance with HMRC guidelines.
  • Success stories in software and gambling industries demonstrate the impact of R&D tax credits in supporting innovation and business growth.
  • Industry-specific considerations are important in determining the eligibility of companies for R&D tax claims, with a focus on scientific and technological advancements. Eligibility for R&D tax relief is based on conducting or leading R&D activities with competent professionals.
  • The fields of science and technology for R&D tax relief are technical-based and exclude social sciences.
  • Government policy changes have impacted the rates and eligibility for R&D claims, with a focus on self-regulatory methods for compliance.
  • RCK Partners’ unique selling point is their self-regulatory approach, backed by a compliance team, to ensure a lower inquiry rate for R&D claims.
  • Businesses can reach out to RCK Partners through their website or LinkedIn for R&D advice and support.


00:00Introduction to RCK Partners and R&D Tax Incentives

05:39Application Process and Benefits of R&D Tax Claims

09:45Success Stories: Impact of R&D Tax Credits

15:34Industry-Specific Considerations for R&D Tax Claims

27:24Understanding the Fields of Science and Technology for R&D

30:33Impact of Government Policy on R&D Claims

36:39Unique Selling Points of RCK Partners

39:23Reaching Out to RCK Partners for R&D Advice

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