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Odev Tech

Jun 27, 2024 | Uncategorized

www.Odev.tech is a development firm that started 10 years ago to solve the problem of finding trustworthy development services.

They have worked with startups and companies looking for senior development services. The team at Odevtech emphasizes the importance of budget management and advises startups to take care of their budget.

They also highlight the need for a clear and concise pitch to convey the idea effectively. Building an MVP can be challenging due to scope creep and unrealistic expectations. When building a team, it is crucial to have senior developers who are committed and have the right skill sets.

The team should also include a salesman and someone who can get things done. While there may be some differences in how startups operate in different markets, the ultimate goal is to build a great product. The conversation explores the differences between Web2 and Web3 development, the importance of Web3 in empowering startups and individuals, and the potential of AI and Web3 technologies.

The speakers discuss the challenges and benefits of using AI models like ChatGPT and the need for responsible data custody. They also emphasize the importance of embracing innovation and specialization in the evolving tech landscape.


  • Take care of your budget when starting a business
  • Develop a clear and concise pitch to convey your idea effectively
  • Be mindful of scope creep and manage expectations when building an MVP
  • Build a team with senior developers who are committed and have the right skill sets
  • Include a salesman and someone who can get things done in your team
  • While there may be market differences, the goal is to build a great product Web3 development is more exciting and intellectually challenging than Web2 development.
  • Web3 empowers startups and individuals, disrupting traditional businesses and sectors.
  • AI and Web3 technologies offer great potential for breakthroughs in various domains.
  • Responsible data custody is crucial to prevent misuse and protect individuals.
  • Embracing innovation and specialization is key in the evolving tech landscape.


00:00Introduction and Background of Odeftech

08:33Advice for Starting a Business

11:58Challenges of Building an MVP

25:25The Power of Combining Coding and Sales Skills

26:08Differences in Business Practices Across Countries

29:31The Impact of Web3 and AI on the Industry

35:22The Significance of Specialization and Innovation in Startups

36:58Web3: Empowering Individuals and Disrupting Traditional Businesses

42:40The Benefits and Risks of AI and Technology in Software Development

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