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Nathalie Schwarzkopf – From Blackfin Capital

Mar 28, 2024 | Uncategorized


In this episode, Nathalie Schwarzkopf, an investor from Germany, shares insights into the world of investing and the FinTech industry. She discusses her background and how she got started as an investor. Nathalie explains the criteria she looks for when considering potential investments and how she differentiates hype from real potential. She also discusses the differences between the investment climate in Europe and the US, as well as the varying landscapes in different European countries. Nathalie provides advice for founders on how to reach out to investors and build trust with large institutions. She also discusses the challenges of raising series A, B, and C rounds and offers insights into the current market slowdown. Overall, Nathalie emphasizes the importance of understanding the market, building investor relations, and being flexible in order to succeed as a founder.


  • Investors in the FinTech industry are looking for companies that have a strong product, traction, and a clear go-to-market strategy.
  • The investment climate in Europe differs from the US, with European investors generally being more risk-averse and focused on building sustainable businesses.
  • Different European countries have varying levels of investment activity, with the UK and France being particularly active in the FinTech space.
  • Founders should focus on building investor relations early on and update interested investors regularly to avoid spending too much time explaining their business during the fundraising process.
  • Raising series A, B, and C rounds has become more challenging in recent years, with stricter criteria and higher capital costs. Founders should be prepared for a longer fundraising process and consider raising funds before they are needed.


00:00Introduction and Background

01:17Getting Started as an Investor

05:26Differentiating Hype from Potential

08:26Differences in Investment Climate: Europe vs. US

10:42Investment Landscape in Different European Countries

13:08Size of Investment Rounds in Different Countries

14:07Investor Risk Aversion and Focus on AI and Climate Tech

16:06Best Practices for Reaching Out to Investors

21:02Building Trust with Large Institutions

23:04Disruption Potential in the FinTech Space

25:44Challenges in Raising Series A, B, and C Rounds

28:19Process of Reviewing Pitch Decks

31:03Advice for Founders

38:29Market Slowdown in Raising Series A, B, and C Rounds

42:17Opportunities in Challenging Times

42:52Contact Information

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