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Journey into business coaching – Social entrepreneurship and innovation

Sep 27, 2023 | Innovation Podcast

The Innovation Conversation
The Innovation Conversation
Journey into business coaching - Social entrepreneurship and innovation

🎙️ Tune in to the latest episode of The Innovation Conversation with Seven Jacobs, Coach and Facilitator, and Start-Up and VC Lead at Colorintech! 🚀Join us as we dive into the world of social entrepreneurship and innovation, exploring the mission of Colorintech, a non-profit dedicated to making Europe the most inclusive tech hub in the world. 🌍✨Seven shares their inspiring journey into business coaching and facilitation, highlighting their role in leading programs, nurturing investor relationships, and providing vital support systems for underrepresented founders. With a background spanning youth, market research, tech, music, fashion, online education, and more, Seven’s dedication to supporting founders and fostering their success shines through. 🌟Discover what keeps Seven motivated – creating a meaningful change in the world through great work and inspiring positivity and discovery. 💪🌟Explore market trends and support available to entrepreneurs, as Seven compares the tech landscape in the UK to other countries, shedding light on why the UK is a flourishing inclusive tech hub. 🌐💡Don’t miss Seven’s invaluable tips and advice on navigating the UK startup scene, building meaningful connections, and finding joy in your journey towards success. 🛤️🔗For more exciting content, visit us at www.thestartupevents.co.uk. 🌐 #InnovationConversation #TechInclusion #StartupSuccess #SocialEntrepreneurship

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