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Ethics Policy

Effective Date: 05/10/2023

  1. Introduction

The Ethics Policy for The Startup Events establishes the principles and standards of ethical conduct for all stakeholders involved in the planning, execution, and participation in our monthly events. Our commitment to ethics is integral to fostering an inclusive, transparent, and respectful environment within the London startup community.

  1. Integrity and Transparency

2.1 Honesty and Integrity: All individuals associated with The Startup Events, including organisers, participants, sponsors, and speakers, are expected to act with honesty, integrity, and in good faith in all interactions related to the events.

2.2 Transparency: We are committed to transparent communication and disclosure of information. Any potential conflicts of interest or affiliations that may impact the integrity of the events should be promptly disclosed.

  1. Respect and Inclusivity

3.1 Diversity and Inclusion: The Startup Events values and promotes diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, age, and industry background. Discrimination, harassment, or exclusionary behavior will not be tolerated.

3.2 Respectful Conduct: All participants are expected to treat each other with respect and courtesy. Disparaging or offensive language, behavior, or materials will not be tolerated.

  1. Privacy and Data Protection

4.1 Confidentiality: Respecting the privacy and confidentiality of participants is paramount. Any information collected during the events, including but not limited to registration details, will be handled with the utmost care and in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

4.2 Data Security: We are committed to maintaining the security of participant data. Measures will be implemented to protect against unauthorised access, disclosure, or alteration of personal information.

  1. Fair Competition and Equal Opportunities

5.1 Fair Competition: The Startup Events supports fair competition and discourages anticompetitive practices. All participants are expected to adhere to fair business practices.

5.2 Equal Opportunities: The events provide equal opportunities for participation to all individuals, irrespective of background or affiliation. Selection processes for speakers, sponsors, and participants will be fair and unbiased.

  1. Anti-Bribery and Corruption

6.1 Prohibition: The Startup Events strictly prohibits bribery and corruption in any form. No participant shall offer, give, receive, or solicit any form of bribe or corrupt payment.

  1. Reporting Violations

7.1 Reporting Mechanism: Any individual who becomes aware of a violation of this Ethics Policy is encouraged to report the matter promptly. Reports can be submitted anonymously through the designated reporting mechanism on The Startup Events website.

7.2 Non-Retaliation: Retaliation against individuals reporting violations in good faith is strictly prohibited. Whistleblowers will be protected from any adverse consequences.

  1. Enforcement

8.1 Investigation: Reports of ethical violations will be thoroughly investigated by the designated Ethics Committee within The Startup Events.

8.2 Disciplinary Action: If a violation is substantiated, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, ranging from warnings to exclusion from future events, depending on the severity and recurrence of the offense.

  1. Continuous Improvement

This Ethics Policy is subject to regular review and improvement to ensure its ongoing relevance and effectiveness. Suggestions for enhancements can be submitted through established feedback channels.

  1. Contact Information

For inquiries related to ethics or to report violations, please contact:


This Ethics Policy is designed to uphold the highest standards of conduct within The Startup Events, fostering a culture of integrity, respect, and inclusivity within the London startup community.

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