Enrique Serrano Aparicio – Founder and CEO of Hackrocks

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Enrique Serrano-Apparicio, founder and CEO of HackRox, discusses the importance of hackers in society and the need for cybersecurity training. He explains the difference between white hackers and black hackers and emphasizes the role of ethical hacking in ensuring the security of companies. Serrano-Apparicio also highlights the challenges of being a startup founder, including attracting and retaining talent, managing uncertainty, and dealing with stress. He discusses the growing threat of state-sponsored hacking and the impact of quantum computers on cybersecurity. Serrano-Apparicio concludes by emphasizing the importance of staying up to date with cybersecurity practices and using tools like HackRox to train technical personnel. In this conversation, Enrique Serrano discusses the importance of two-factor authentication and the need for additional security measures beyond passwords. He also shares tips and advice for entrepreneurs, including the importance of careful financial management and understanding the conditions set by investors. Enrique highlights the differences in investor mindset and support between Spain and the US. He also talks about the challenges of starting a business in Spain, including high taxes and a risk-averse mentality. Enrique shares his experience of overcoming financial difficulties and making tough decisions to save his company. He emphasizes the importance of networking at industry-specific events and being prepared to pitch your business in a concise and compelling way.


  • Hackers play a crucial role in society by identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring the security of companies.
  • Ethical hacking, or white hacking, is essential for companies to test their products and infrastructure against potential vulnerabilities.
  • Startup founders face challenges in attracting and retaining talent, managing uncertainty, and dealing with stress.
  • State-sponsored hacking is a growing threat, and companies need to invest in cybersecurity measures to protect against it.
  • The development of quantum computers poses a significant challenge to cybersecurity, and organizations need to stay updated on encryption methods and practices. Two-factor authentication is essential for protecting accounts, as passwords alone are not enough.
  • Careful financial management is crucial for startups, especially when it comes to marketing expenses.
  • Understanding the conditions set by investors is important to avoid giving away too much equity or making unfavorable deals.
  • Starting a business in Spain can be challenging due to high taxes and a risk-averse mentality.
  • Networking at industry-specific events can be more effective for finding investors and business partners.
  • Overcoming financial difficulties requires making tough decisions and optimizing the company’s cost structure.


  • The Importance of Hackers in Society
  • Ethical Hacking for Secure Companies Networking at Industry-Specific Events: A More Effective Approach
  • The Importance of Two-Factor Authentication and Additional Security Measures


00:00Introduction and Background

08:26Challenges of Being a Startup Founder

24:03Financial Management and Investor Relations

32:08Networking at Industry-Specific Events

41:31Overcoming Financial Difficulties

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