Babita Devi

Apr 4, 2024 | Uncategorized

SummaryIn this episode, Babita Devi, a growth coach, shares her experience working with startups and entrepreneurs. She discusses the importance of aligning your business with your passion and purpose, and the role of personal growth in entrepreneurship. Babita also provides advice on raising investment, dealing with rejection, and the value of networking. She outlines the seven-step process she uses to help early-stage companies grow, covering topics such as pricing, branding, and effective promotion. The conversation explores the importance of personal growth in business and how it impacts success. It delves into the concept of getting out of your own way and the role of childhood experiences and values in decision-making. The journey of entrepreneurship is emphasized, highlighting the transformation and connections made along the way. The conversation concludes with book recommendations and contact information for the guest.


  • Aligning your business with your passion and purpose is crucial for long-term success.
  • Your business is a vehicle for personal growth, and understanding what your business needs from you is essential.
  • Raising investment requires clear communication of your value proposition and finding the right investors for your market.
  • Dealing with rejection is part of the numbers game in entrepreneurship, and seeking referrals and connections can lead to new opportunities.
  • Networking is important for spreading your message, finding strategic partners, and gaining validation for your ideas.
  • Babita’s seven-step process for growth covers topics such as pricing, branding, and effective promotion.
  • Understanding the internal factors, such as your relationship with money, is just as important as external strategies for business growth. Personal growth is essential for business success.
  • Getting out of your own way involves recognizing and addressing subconscious behaviors and beliefs.
  • Childhood experiences and values shape decision-making in business.
  • The journey of entrepreneurship is about personal transformation and connections.
  • Success is not solely defined by financial achievements.
  • Recommended books: ‘Never Split the Difference’ and ‘Dare to Lead’.


00:00Introduction and Background

02:15Passion and Purpose in Babita’s Work

08:02Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

10:08Identifying Successful Entrepreneurs

12:02Validation and Market Feedback

15:18Challenges of Raising Investment

20:07The Value of Networking

22:04Babita’s Seven-Step Process for Growth

24:28The Link Between Personal Growth and Business Success

27:39Getting Out of Your Own Way: Addressing Subconscious Behaviors

32:36The Impact of Childhood Experiences on Decision-Making

39:25The Journey of Entrepreneurship: Transformation and Connections

41:19Redefining Success: Beyond Financial Achievements

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