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Alon Bocham- One of the Godfathers of AI

Feb 28, 2024 | Uncategorized


In this episode of the Innovation Conversation, Alon Bochman shares his entrepreneurial journey and transition to AI. He discusses the impact of AI and the concerns surrounding its development. He emphasizes the importance of building something people want and advises entrepreneurs to focus on achieving product-market fit. He also discusses the challenges of raising investment and the differences between the US and other countries. Overall, he highlights the potential of AI while acknowledging the need for responsible development and regulation. In this conversation, Ricardo interviews Alan Bochman about the importance of market research and building products based on market demand. They discuss the role of customer feedback and the potential pitfalls of not listening to the market. Alan emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs and software companies to validate their ideas before investing significant resources. He also shares insights on how to effectively gather customer feedback and make data-driven decisions. Overall, this conversation highlights the importance of understanding the market and aligning product development with customer needs.


Building something people want is crucial for success as an entrepreneur.

AI has the potential to greatly impact various industries and improve efficiency.

There are concerns about the dangers of AI, including the risk of AI taking jobs and the potential for misuse.

Controlling the development and use of AI requires international cooperation and regulation.

Entrepreneurs should consider incorporating AI into their startups, but it should be a means to an end rather than the sole focus. Market research is crucial for entrepreneurs and software companies to validate their ideas and ensure market demand.

Building products based on market demand increases the likelihood of success and customer adoption.

Customer feedback plays a vital role in product development and decision-making.

Ignoring the market and failing to listen to customer needs can lead to wasted resources and unsuccessful products.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:05 Entrepreneurial Journey

04:26 Transition to AI

08:19 Early Experience with AI

13:13 Impact of AI

16:14 Concerns about AI

19:19 Positive Impact of AI

23:13 Dangers of AI

30:20 Controlling AI Development

35:06 Incorporating AI into Startups

38:47 Raising Investment and Global Differences

44:07 Advice for Entrepreneurs

10:15 The Importance of Market Research

20:30 Building Products Based on Market Demand

30:45 The Role of Customer Feedback

40:00 Conclusion and Contact Information

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