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Discover more about the minds
and supporters behind The Startup Events.

Who we are, what we do, what we’ve done
and why we’re doing what we’re doing!


Meet Harry McDonough, a dynamic co-founder of Startup Events. Harry currently serves as the Head of the London Incubation Hub at ESCP Business School, one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious business and entrepreneurship institutions. In this role, Harry supports early-stage businesses through soft landings, mentorship, and foreign direct investment.

With over a decade of experience, he has navigated both sides of the founder’s journey. Harry launched his own university startup in vertical farming and renewable energy, raising over £300,000, developing an innovative prototype, and building a revenue-generating business. He also has extensive experience managing government innovation funding in the smart city and transport sectors. Committed to bridging the knowledge gap for founders, Harry passionately connects and supports startups at every stage of their development.

Introducing  Ricardo Pascual, the co-founder of The Startup Events and a dynamic force in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Ricardo excels in helping businesses achieve KPIs in competitive markets, leveraging his extensive experience in both local and international arenas. With over 11 years of expertise in IT business development and digital transformation, he is a results-oriented leader who drives innovation and growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Ricardo is also on his entrepreneurial journey, having co-founded Open Experts, a venture dedicated to nurturing and supporting a vibrant community of connections. His mission is to simplify the process of meeting mentors and advisors, making it easier for startups to access the guidance they need. Passionate about fostering growth and collaboration, Ricardo is committed to streamlining support for businesses entering new markets and achieving sustainable success.


Team Supporting us to make this a reality.
Like any great business!

Babita Devi

Babita Devi

Managing Director - B Strategic

Meet Babita Devi, a seasoned coach and mentor with over 30 years of experience driving growth across diverse business domains! As the architect of The Alignment Accelerator program, Babita leverages her extensive expertise in business development, strategic marketing, and commercialisation to empower entrepreneurs. 

Dean William

Dean William

Business Consultant

Dean Williams is a seasoned Senior Business Consultant at Goldsmith University, dedicated to helping businesses thrive. With over a decade of experience Dean has led companies to remarkable achievements in the market by transforming their strategies. His passion lies in empowering women and millennial entrepreneurs.

James Morgan

James Morgan

Co-Founder - Startup Networks

James is a seasoned digital marketing and tech innovation strategist, with a decade-long track record of robustly supporting the startup community and various UK innovation centres. His expertise is deeply rooted in fostering sustainable growth for startups from the ground up, focusing on cost-effective strategies and sourcing innovative solutions.

Samuel Pedro

Samuel Pedro

Founder - No-Code District

Samuel is currently spearheading No-Code District No-code, Low-code, and AI Software Development Agency. With over a decade of experience, he founded 6 ventures, supported the growth of 100+ companies, and advised 200+ founders. He is an all arounder in digital solutions, strategy, marketing, innovation, and business growth across 15 industries. 

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