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We are the heartbeat of innovative startups, the bold dreamers turning groundbreaking ideas into reality. We are founders, not just of companies, but of new ways of thinking and doing. We are the minds behind the innovations that disrupt industries and redefine possibilities.

We are the curious, relentlessly pursuing knowledge and solutions. We are the risk-takers, unafraid of uncharted territories. We are the builders, creating not just businesses, but entire ecosystems that foster growth and creativity.

Our community is a melting pot of extraordinary talent – thinkers, makers, doers, and dreamers united by a shared ambition to leave a mark on the world. We are diverse in our backgrounds but united in our mission: to build, innovate, and lead the future of business.

We Are The Change-Makers. We Are You.

Join us in this journey where your innovative ideas are your identity, your vision your guide. Here, every startup founder, every innovative thinker, finds a place to grow, collaborate, and succeed. We are the collective force of startup innovation – diverse, dynamic, and determined to drive change.

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Explore how TSE can strategically elevate your brand and amplify your impactful presence.

Innovation Podcast

Unearthing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in every enlightening, engaging, and insightful conversation.

Startup Events

Our events bring startups together to spark creativity, drive growth, and shape the future of entrepreneurship.

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Showcase your vision and share your pitch with investors, mentors, and peers for impactful connections.


Thousands choose us for networking

Our startup networking events are the pulsing heart of the startup ecosystem, where visionaries and innovators converge. Here, bold ideas are shared, connections are made, and the future of business is shaped. We are more than a gathering; we are a launching pad for the next big ideas in the startup world.

We are the meeting point for the curious, those who seek knowledge and new ways to solve old problems. We are the arena for the risk-takers, unafraid to think differently and act boldly. At our startup events, entrepreneurs and innovators find not just an audience, but a community that supports and nurtures their ambitions.

Fireside Chat and Pitching Sessions

Experience our exhilarating keynote and pitching sessions. Join us as founders and investors present their innovative ideas in fast-paced, one-minute pitches.

Dynamic Participation Model

Be part of an inclusive environment where every participant, from seasoned investors to aspiring entrepreneurs, contributes to the vibrancy of our startup community.

Pitch Boosts on Our Social Media

At The Startup Events, we amplify your pitch across our diverse network of mentors, investors, startups, and accelerators through social networks and newsletters. Elevate your startup journey with us.

Supportive Environment for Startups

Benefit from comprehensive support and promotion before, during, and after your pitch, including digital marketing and MVP development assistance.

Diverse & Inclusive Community

Meet over 1,000 attendees, from founders to investors and professionals. Our events, perfect for expanding your network in a casual setting, facilitate valuable connections across the industry.

Open Mic & Pitching Details

Join our Open Mic Pitching Events, a stage for founders, startup employees, and investors. Easy signup and live Q&A sessions offer a prime opportunity for showcasing your ideas and building connections.

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Their support fuels our community’s growth and innovation, offering unique opportunities and services.

Tales from our community

Innovation Conversation

Catch the pulse of innovation with our ‘Innovation Conversation’ podcast! Dive into a world where cutting-edge ideas meet seasoned wisdom, as we bring you exclusive insights from the trailblazers reshaping industries. Each episode is an invitation to explore the journeys, triumphs, and challenges of today’s most daring entrepreneurs and innovators.

Do you have a story to tell and want to appear on our podcast? View our Application for Podcast page to apply now!

Transforming IBDP Education: The EduCrate Revolution

Discover how Sally Lo’s EduCrate revolutionises IBDP education with personalised resources, expert guidance, and a global network.

Innovative AI Retail Transformation

Revolutionising the retail industry with AI-driven product matching, seamless virtual checkout, and dynamic social media engagement.

Getahead's Sports Psychology Revolution

Empowering athletes with Getahead, an on-demand app offering personalized mental training for enhanced performance and wellbeing in sports.

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Boost your pitch to new heights! Enquire for a FREE pitch enhancement, where we amplify your vision across our social media, newsletters, and our vibrant community forum directory. Elevate your startup’s visibility and connect with a wider audience today!